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I have been privileged to visit interesting cities and beautiful countryside in Europe, the United States and Australia. Here is a selection of the thousands of photographs that I have collected over the years.

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Egypt The Greek historian Herodotus [484-425 BC], a contemporary of Socrates, described Egypt as 'The Gift of the Nile'. The Egyptian civilization of his time, based largely in the delta and 500 mile long valley of the Nile, was entirely dependent on the resources of the great river. Today we can still explore their temples and tombs, miraculously preserved in the sands by the arid climate of the surrounding Western and Arabian deserts.
The English Lakes The beautiful English Lake District, designated a national park on 9th May 1951, is a roughly elliptical area of mountains, forests, fast-flowing rivers and lakes, covering about 885 square miles. It has England's highest mountain [Scafell Pike], longest [Windermere] and deepest [Wastwater] lakes, and highest annual rainfall [Seathwaite]. It is the largest and, with around 16 million visitors each year, is the most popular of the English national parks.
Venice Founded 1500 years ago on the mudflats in the centre of the lagoon Venice comprises 118 islands linked by around 400 bridges. Administratively it is divided into six sestieri, three on each side of the central Canal Grande. At the height of the Venetian Republic the population of 200,000, about three times that of the present day, controlled an empire that extended from the Dolomites to Cyprus.
Rogue Male

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The unnamed protagonist of Geoffrey Household’s classic 1939 thriller is on the run from the police and agents of an unidentified foreign power whose head-of-state he has apparently attempted to assassinate. After several attempts to kill him have failed, he goes to ground in a subterranean lair in an unused Dorset ‘holloway’. The exact position of his hideout is not identified, but there are tantalising clues pointing to a fairly specific location.
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Author : Chris Newall
Last update : 23rd April 2020