The Questors Theatre

'Overnight Plays 2019'

Producer: Tristan Marshall
Stage Management: Jane Arnold-Forster
Costumes: Anne Gilmour
Lighting: Chris Newall
Lighting Operation: Carole Swan
Sound: Nigel Worsley
Performance: 20 April 2019
(in the Studio)

An evening of inspired insanity with seven 10 minute
plays, each with a 'featured property', all written,
rehearsed and performed to a full-house audience
within one day.

'The Catch' by Robert Gordon-Clark
Directed by Pam Redrup
Featured property: Fisherman's life-jacket

'Darkness' by David Hovatter
Directed by David Hovatter
Featured property: Camouflage netting

'The Final Take' by Alex Marker
Directed by Alex Marker
Featured property: Clapper board

'Mind' by Maria Hummer
Directed by Dani Beckett
Featured property: White mask

'The Seance' by Bernice Wolfenden
Directed by Wanda Duszynska
Featured property: Human skeleton

'Hero for a Day' by Martin Choules
Directed by Mike Hadjipateras
Featured property: Motorcycle goggles

'Cuckoo' by Andy McGuinness
Directed by Gary Reid
Featured property: Cuckoo clock

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