The Questors Theatre

'The Giant Coarse Acting Festival'
in celebration of Michael Green's 90th birthday

Host: Michael Langridge
Stage Management: Alec Atchison
Set: Michael Langridge
Lighting: Andrew Dixon, Chris Newall
Sound: Colin Horne
Performance: 25 November 2017
(in the Judi Dench Playhouse)

'Murder at the Grange'
'The Krazy Kast'
'The Foul and Bloody Murder at Shakerley House' *
'Wuthering Depths' **
'Pitzhanger Abbey' ***
'Crossroads' or 'Where Three Roads Meet'
'Two Fat Ladies'
'Dead Drunk and Never Called Me Mother'

Samuel West CBE
Ben Crocker
ably interfered with by Michael Green

Musical Interlude while the Judges conferred
'Binge and Hatchet'

Winners 2017
* Best Coarse Production: Milborne Port Opera
'The Foul and Bloody Murder at Shakerley House'
** Best Coarse Script: 'Wuthering Depths'
by Michael Green
*** Best Coarse Actor - Kate Adams
in 'Pitzhanger Abey'



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