George Wilson ( 1805 - 1858 )

George Wilson was born in Ellerker on 3rd March 1805, he was the second son of Thomas Wilson and Anne Jamieson. George married Anne Daggett (born in 1806 in Hull) at Cottingham on 27th July 1833, the 1841 Census records him as a horsebreaker, aged 30, living with Ann, aged 30, and John, aged six, Mary Ann, aged six, Elizabeth, aged three, and Charlotte, aged one year. The 1851 Census describes him as a Fellmonger (dealer in sheepskins) aged 45 and Ann as a schoolmistress aged 43. George and Ann appear to have had six children:
  • John Major Wilson, born in Ellerker at 5:30pm on 4th Jul 1834, died in 1922 in Toronto, married Ann Newton (born around 1830 in Boston, Lincs.) on 22nd May 1856)
  • Mary Ann Wilson, born in Ellerker at 10:30am on 11th January 1836, married James Coulson Parnell, their daughter Charlotte Parnell married John Bowlt Purvis, they had two sons, George Bell and John Stanley, and a daughter, Hilda. George and Stanley Purvis served in the Army during the 1st World War; George was killed and Stanley was badly gassed. Stanley later became a well-known Church historian and is credited with the converting the York Mystery Plays and other Ancient Manuscripts into modern English. He was awarded the O.B.E. for his distinguished work. He was a Canon at York Minster at the time of his death.
  • Elizabeth Wilson, born in Ellerker at 2:00am on 19th November 1837, married W. W. Larkin
  • Charlotte Anne Wilson, born in Ellerker at 1:00am on 17th April 1840 (Good Friday), married (1) Henry Appleton Pearson, (2) Josephus Thomas Scholefield
  • Harriet Wilson, born in Ellerker at 8:00am on 24th March 1842, married David Purdon. David and Harriett both died in 1871 and their two children, Annie and Frederick, were brought up by Charlotte and Josephus Scholefield.
  • George Wilson, born in Ellerker on 22nd April 1844, died in 1869
George Wilson died aged 52 years on 7th October 1858 in Ellerker. Ann Wilson survived him for nearly 20 years and the 1861 Census records her as an unmarried schoolmistress aged 53, living with her unmarried daughter Charlotte, aged 20, and grandchildren Hannah Parnell, aged nine, and Lucy Wilson,6 months. Lucy was probably the (illegitimate?) daughter of Elizabeth Wilson, as the 1881 Census for Scarborough records Lucy Larkin, aged 20, described as the daughter of William and Elizabeth Larkin.

Anne Wilson died on 16th May 1867 in Ellerker and was buried in the family grave in the churchyard of St Anne's, Ellerker. Their gravestone reads:

In memory of George Wilson of Ellerker who died October 7th 1858 aged 52 years. Also of Anne wife of the above who died May 16th 1867 aged 62 years. Also of Robert Wilson who died April 16th 1873 aged 65 years. Also of Mary wife of the above who died Jun 24th 1884 aged 75 years. ...Verse... This stone was erected by Charles Wilson brother of the above and Charlotte A Scholfield daughter of George Wilson 1886.

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