Rotherhithe, LND
[O.S. Ref: TQ 351 798]
Dedication: St. Mary

Roman bricks have been found under the foundations and a church has stood on the site since the 13th century. Early in the 18th century the inhabitants of Rotherhithe unsuccessfully petitioned parliament for a grant to rebuild their church 'which standing very low and near the banks of the Thames, is often overflowed, whereby the foundation of the church and tower is rotted and in great danger of falling'. The present building, funded by subscriptions raised by the parishoners and built by local craftsmen, dates from 1714.

Claire Tomalin writes 'Built in 1714 after the previous church had been flooded so often that it could no longer be restored: Pepys mentions 'Redriffe church...sometimes overflown with water' in 1666'

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